January Roses

I feel compelled to tell you about the “Roses in January” painting. I did it in a fit of needing to be in a garden and needed to feel the sun on my face and smell the sweet scent of roses.

Deep in January is the coldest time in the world here and the most depressing for me. I have to escape into my work and get what I need there. I need gold and roses and warmth and stunning color to get through this month.

The woman is full and rich and determined and focused on what she needs to be focused on. She is making every wish she has come true . She will get me through this month and this winter . Imagine finding full bloom roses in the snow, Imagine how heavenly they would smell juxtaposed against the cold. Their hot breath melting the snow.


the smallest thing

I was working in the studio the other day and this little thing caught my eye. That little thing became a whole painting. Even though I usually start from something bigger than a little fluff and a slight curve of a lip, It is not necessarily better to start more prepared. A little fluff and a shadow became copper girl and I really love her. In fact she might be my favorite of the whole show.

There was this dictionary word for today which was

Autoschediastical aw-toh-SKEE-dee-az-tik-uhl, adjective:  Something improvised or extemporized.

When paintings get born from this beginning then it is usually the best work you ever do. Plan Plan Plan.  Then don’t plan and just go.


People have used that word to describe me all my life. Or wild or loony or nuts.
I am used to it.
But here is a different perspective for future reference.
It is hard to be an artist and fit into regular society. Because we are spending most of our time in the right side of our brain either making art or and this is the most consuming, thinking about it.
I do sort of go into a trance when I am thinking about art or even an idea surrounding art. It is a space that is not here.
Like right now. I am trying to write but the wave is covering me so I have to skip the punctuation and capitalization and even spelling sometimes to get it out.
I hate editing it because it is not it. It is it trimmed up. I dont like it trimmed up so that is why it looks like this.
If the trance place that I end up when I think about art is crazy, then that is what I need to get by. I dont know how to do anything else but paint.
Valentino said that it was a good thing he could make a dress as he was quite incapable of much else.
Well we are in the same boat. Valentino and me.
He had a flurry of dogs about his feet all the time too.
maybe the dogs are there to protect us strange beings from the outside world.. Eek where are my chihuahuas ?

New Year’s Day

How important are you? Everyone is as important as they want to be.

The price of importance is this:  You have to be empty of yourself and full of others. This is the highest good that  anyone can do. If you know this you will not slack off and think you don’t matter. If you don’t matter it is your fault.   You are self centered and weak. Selfish is always weak.

Importance is not something you aspire to be it is something you can become in an instant. You just decide to be important. Pour yourself out for others do your very best always and plan to avoid wasting time. If you see time as not wasteable then you will give EVERYTHING the attention big living needs.  Some people think important people were made by someone else, some kind of luck of the draw.

A child can be important. A very old person can be important. In truth, we all have the ability to be important. This is an important year. It’s the only one we have right now.  Go use it up with all your might.

images courtesy of US Army