People have used that word to describe me all my life. Or wild or loony or nuts.
I am used to it.
But here is a different perspective for future reference.
It is hard to be an artist and fit into regular society. Because we are spending most of our time in the right side of our brain either making art or and this is the most consuming, thinking about it.
I do sort of go into a trance when I am thinking about art or even an idea surrounding art. It is a space that is not here.
Like right now. I am trying to write but the wave is covering me so I have to skip the punctuation and capitalization and even spelling sometimes to get it out.
I hate editing it because it is not it. It is it trimmed up. I dont like it trimmed up so that is why it looks like this.
If the trance place that I end up when I think about art is crazy, then that is what I need to get by. I dont know how to do anything else but paint.
Valentino said that it was a good thing he could make a dress as he was quite incapable of much else.
Well we are in the same boat. Valentino and me.
He had a flurry of dogs about his feet all the time too.
maybe the dogs are there to protect us strange beings from the outside world.. Eek where are my chihuahuas ?

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