More stick figures

I have found that everything in life is like stickfigures. You just do the barebones outline and life itself fleshes it out. True with ideas and romances and anything productive.

If you don’t do a stick figure then you wont have any outline to hold the rest and you will lose time and precious data.
For example:  my day can be filled with at least a sketchy plan to start with, and then I do the next thing.
With NO sketchy plan, the mind zombies come and pull you into a stupid movie or a ridiculous magazine, and before you know it, the sketch is being made for you by someone else.  That is what advertising is about. The ads are expert at filling in the rest for you too. You just go along for the ride. Only it is not where you wanted to go.

Lets hear it for stick men and stick women. You fill in the rest.

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