Stick figures

In every creativity book I have ever read one thing is a common denominator. They all say this one thing.
They all say EVERBODY HAS THE UNTAPPED POTENTIAL OF BEING SUPER CREATIVE. then they all have different ways to get there but that is the basic truth.

Usually people say to me “I couldn’t draw a stick figure right.” ¬†I have heard that fifty million times before.
Well guess what…neither can I. And I don’t even care because that is not what being creative is .What they do have right is that drawing is on that side of your brain that is creative . That part is right.

From there it is only only only thinking you can. Somewhere in your past someone told you you were not good at drawing or  singing or even playing according to the rules. And you believed then and slammed that door shut.
I was graced to have had the opposite at a very young age. Someone told me I was unbelievable and I totally believed them. But in reality everybody is unbelievable in different ways and opening the door to trying new things is the only only only way to find what it is that you have. Its like buried treasure. Start digging especially if someone told you something negative in the past. Especially then.

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