Then What

Then what?  I like to play then what to figure out the bottom line of what I really want. Why do I want it? Is it a fluke want or a real want-need thing. This is how to find out.

If I get it, then what? What will I do next? If the answer is grow learn help develop or anything good, then I go ahead and want it and go after it. But if the answer is just because it will make me feel better temporarily, or distract me from what I really need to do, or just to see if I can get it for no good reason, forget it. It’s not worth it. You would be surprised to just ask those questions the next time you want something. It reveals a lot about your character and many problems hidden from plain view.


Here is a a story about surroundings. A woman in San Francisco decided to make her home a total experience for her children. She was an artist and thought that all stimulation of the the sense of sight is helpful. She covered her walls with every kind of painting and every kind of color. No surface was without something adventurous to look at. No surface including the ceiling and floor. Her children grew up in this house and moved away.

What do you think happened to the children? Did they become great collectors too, or did they become artists or musicians or scientists? The answer is they became people who loved things simple. One painting, one vase one pillow. Minimalist.  Each child in his own right. They were ALL Brilliant in their chosen field. But they had enough stuff growing up that when they matured they did not need more looking. They had looked enough.

The moral of the story is you deeply affect your children and they will run run run to where you did not take them. That is the nature of children. They will not be like you even though you think they will. BUT, that said, everything you do to feed their eyes when they are young will feed their minds and souls.

The woman in San Francisco succeeded in sparking her children in very different ways. I applaud her extreme efforts to be a monumental mom. Her children knew why she was doing what she did and the love she plastered all over was forever imprinted on them.


When I write this blog I do not have any idea what I write about till I start hitting the keys. When I paint I start with nothing but slapping paint and smearing it and being with it. And unfortunately when I talk I usually just open my mouth and see what comes out of it.

Living life like that is the Blast method.

Weighing out each word or idea before I start is just not my lifestyle. Upon examination I think that the Blast Method has served me just fine except for a few things I have said out of turn. Four things can be obtained by this method. You avoid procrastination, you avoid fear(you dont have time to be afraid) and you get momentum from the energy just expended. The fourth and most important benefit is you get your self awareness out of the way because you dont have time to think too much about what you can’t do. I enjoy people like me because when they blurt( blast) things out they are almost always from the heart and that is what I want to know anyway.

If you live like this you also have to be ready to correct correct correct along the way and ask forgiveness and mercy along the way. Aside from those things its a good way to get going. Be Love Always Start Today.


It is impossible to prepare for a decision so much that you will avoid all pain in your life. People think that the right decision is the safest one.

You cannot foresee what will happen next till you get there. We are only given this minute to know what is available.

You might say I cannnot leave this job because I don’t have another one. I can’t do what I really want to do because it is risky.

Here is the biggest laugh/ THE REALITY IS LIFE IS ALWAYS RISKY BECAUSE WE CANNOT SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, AND LIFE IS NOT RISKY AT ALL BECAUSE WE ARE NOT IN CHARGE. Staying put may be the most risky. Let me tell you a story.

My husband wanted to buy a franchaise that made perfect sense to him. It was the perfect job and all the signs were pointing to this being a logical decision.   THIS JOB WAS NOT SOMETHING HE LOVED IT WAS JUST WHAT SEEMED LOGICAL. WE had to sell one of our rentals to buy the franchise and we had a buyer and it looked like everything was in order. The buyer had actually moved into the house as she was so in love with it and so excited to be there and it was going so well on her side we said sure move in.

My husband was in California to buy the franchaise and get the training. All the ducks were in order. God was in control and it looked good/

On the last hour of the last day of the contract the house sale failed because for some inexplicable reason the people buying her place pulled out, The last hour.

We freaked out. Then we were creative. We had to be.  Everything was riding on this deal. We thought we are going to die as we had tied all the money up in this venture.

We did not die . But here is the rest of the story. Six months  later the economy  crashed. My husband had the weird experience of meeting a guy that did buy the franchise instead of him. The guy was going under so fast it would make your head spin. We would have been in the same boat if that sale did not fail and stop him from buying the sure bet ,most logical thing.

Moral of the story is God is in control ( Thank You God) not us so do what you love. Not what makes sense.

I think it is impossible to make a reckless decision if you are being taken care of.


Walls are only in our minds. We say, “I have hit a wall I can do nothing else.” The reality is, you can do something else. You can always do something else.  Take the folks stranded at the airport.  What can they do while they wait for a plane to be able to fly out?  They can change plans, and instead of thinking, “I have to get back right now,”  they could think, “what can I do here now?”  You get extra time where you are now.  Maybe that is the best thing for you right now.  Maybe that is the thing that happens so that you meet your spouse or make a new friend or go a new place or have another adventure.

A good motto is “Change is good.”  Just because change is not what we like, who says what we like is what we need?

One time I was in New York and they had overbooked the flight and offered a thousand dollars to anyone who would stay over another day.  Like a total fool I thought “Oh no. I have to get home.” So I got on the plane.

Who knows what would have happened if I had stayed, much less getting a thousand dollars, which would have paid for the whole trip. I was afraid of change. I wish I was stranded in Paris right now with  no more money. Think of the adventures I would have and the people I would meet because we were all in the same circumstance. Trauma makes quick friends. Then I would have a story to tell when I (eventually) came home.

I would start writing about my experience and sell it to a newspaper. Everybody likes a good story. You don’t need things to work out all the time to be happy.

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