white water rafting

Did you ever go white water rafting? It is extremely exciting as you go down the river bumping and flying over the waves and rocks. You get totally wet and you are screaming half the time.  It’s really exciting but some people would hate it. To enjoy rafting like that you have to be confident that you will not drown or get seriously hurt. If you think either one of those things, you will hate every second of it.

Starting a new business is like that. You do not know what will happen along the way but you have to have enough push to just do it. You have to jump in the water and start screaming. With each scream you get a little braver. You have seen that the first scream was really unnecessary and it will take a more violent wave to make you scream the second time. By the end of the ride you are used to harrowing experiences and are ready for the next challenge. That is the great thing about our minds. we learn instantly something by going to a hard place. And that something makes the next step not as scary. Having your own business and building it to succeed is just a thrilling as white water rafting.  You will die eventually so why not get some real thrills in before that?

Stonewall Jackson believed that his time to die was predestined by God so he had no fear when he was in war.  He was right. His own men accidentally shot him and that was how he died. If that is true that our days are truly numbered ,what is there to be afraid of. Pain? Oh you will get some of that anyway whether you sit at home all day or go sky diving . Guaranteed.

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