New York

I love to visit New York. The fierce competition for business makes the level of achievement and quality of products there unique.

Competition makes us try harder and refine refine refine our plan till we are the best. You have to be the best or you are invisible and go out of business. Any business in New York that has been there a long time is not only great but constantly getting better.

A trap of success is success. You might get some but then you have to do more. You always have to go to the next level. competition is the friend of the artist. It is the best thing for everyone.

So with that said, I hope ten artists move right by me and are fantastic and I hope I am the worst one . That would be the biggest most wonderful push. Bring it on!

The Dinner Party Part 2

I am so blessed to have friends that wanted to help out with the dinner party. I thought they would help but when push came to shove, the dinner party was a lot of work and I had to talk to my guests so could not even be in the kitchen. So much for my idea of serving each person.

Jenny and Susie worked feverishly in the kitchen and brought out the food and I sat with the guests and tried to be with each of them. The conversation was wonderful. It seemed like everybody was sharing lots of themselves, and that was totally what  I wanted.

Sometimes when I am completely open, other people will be the same. This life is too short to not be open.

The party was pretty much euphoric for me. Even though I did not know everyone really well, it did not matter. We were doing something new. We were being with art and talking about art and we were doing a new kind of gallery.

Paintings have a way of coming into a room and being with you the same as a person. Especially if they are paintings of people. the girls were at the dinner party too.

The food was wonderful and my friends who cooked the whole thing were on a vibe in in the kitchen.

After everyone left, I was basking in the afterglow.  After such a great time, I like to leave all the furniture up the same way it was so I can make it last longer emotionally. Next time I am going to get a caterer and invite more people. I think I can accomodate twenty.  And I am going to do a walk around the room and talk about each painting. If I have another person showing , they will talk about each one.

Artists need to share more and not expect everyone to just understand everything immediately. One of the guests at the party shared a story with me about her husband who is an architect. He wrote notecards and put them around a house he had designed explaining why he designed each room the way he did. I thought that was a wonderful thing to share with the buyers. Something they should know and something they will cherish and enjoy forever after.

Little things are so important.