I think people act one way with people they don’t know and then another way with people they are super close to. There is a third group of people that are even closer , and that is people who do your same work.

Being with artists is the most euphoric experience because we have this big huge thing in common. We have this life force in common and this way of thinking that is different from other relationships.

I wonder if anyone has looked at artists’ minds in an X-ray and seen a common thing there. Maybe one part of our brain is bigger than other people or maybe one part is missing.

All I know is that being with a group of them is like breathing pure mountain air without the climb.

I was reading that it is healthy to be with other artists so we could spark each other. I think it might be more than that, People need to be by each other for more than that.

Its more than just getting ideas. Its more like getting validated that no you aren’t crazy and yes you have value and you are important. We are so in our own worlds a lot of the time that it is easy to feel like an alien.

Art groups are so good for that and most artists are not even in one, like me I’m not right now and I sure would love to be. If you stay alone too long you automatically go crazy and we wouldn’t want that.

Poem Chapel

Poems are not made of words

Words are for talking and reading a book

Poems are made from spices and groans,

They are made from Balloons.

You can Chew them and spit them out, they are like gravel sometimes,

Poems are perfume destined to be poured out onto tired feet,

They are my best chapel

You are not locked out but locked in

And the place you are in is divine.

I like to go pray in the Poem Chapel once a day

Just to remember the good and forget the bad.

I am safe in the Chapel where walls are made of sighs

and the pews are made of laps.