wild ideas

sometimes(ok every morning) I wake up and have new wild ideas.  Why do I get these ideas that seem to come from somewhere outside of me. Is it because I am an artist and am open to new ideas.  They come and I wake up all shaky with can’t wait to do them , jitters. My poor husband has to listen to the latest barrage of ideas to start his day.  After being married to me for so long , he does not get upset and think I am asking him to do anything. He has learned that my ideas do not have to involve him immediately, He has a good week or so before that happens.  I am married to the most perfect man for me.  The total opposite of my energy so that I do not go off the deep end. Even though I try every day to sky dive, He is a net.
I would love to have someone out there write a comment below – and tell me if you ever have this experience. What is it like for you to wake up? tell me.

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