The importance of Importance

Most of our lives are caught up with little things that are really not important.
If you were traveling in the desert and were so thirsty for water and there were only a few drops left in the canteen. you would cherish those drops more than gold.
The thing about life is we don’t know how many drops we have left.
Our canteen might be half full or it might be running on fumes. You don’t know until it is too late. Then those last few drops are really really important and it makes you think how important the other drops were too but we just did not think about it.
To live is such a way as imagining that there are just a few left will revolutionize your life.
Don’t leave anything unsaid. And don’t say anything that is not what you would want to have your last words to be.
Words are the way we express our drops of life and therefore are ultimately important.
To help myself remember this (and I do forget it the second I stop writing this)
I am going to make a visual reminder. Artists are naturally visual so that works for me but you might be more inclined to use some other sense. I
am going to think of a teardrop diamond because that is what we have to work with in this life. each drop is a diamond so precious it should make you cry.


It is important to have a trademark look to your art.
Your model is so important as they are going to be your whole look.
Especially when you are doing a series it is good to have a model that is your main idea.
Today I found my hawaiian girl face.
It turns out that she is a gal that is working out in front of me in strength training class. I overheard her say she was going to Hawaii to see a grandmother so I asked her if she was born there and she was.
What I did not see before was that she happens to have the perfect face to do over and over in many different lights and looks. Her actual face is a cross between “Blossom” and ” ” Blue Butterfly.”
I am so glad to have found an actual person to use for a model.
Pegge Hopper is a well known painter who does Hawaiian women and it looks like the same person over and over. She is a “Pegge Hopper” woman.
I have my girl now I have to do 10 paintings of her till she is a part of my soul,
I will post when I get the first one done.

A face connected to a soul

To paint someone I have a relationship with is way way different from painting a face that I do not know of course.
All of them comes into play. I am looking past the face and the spirit of them is flying all over the page.
I think about how they are. If they are sweet or kind or creative. All that has to come through.
It is very personal and I feel like it is my duty.
If I can do this I should do it of all the people I know really well.
A camera made picture may say a thousand words but a painting says a million.

I realize now that this kind of portrait is not about me. It is about them. It is not about my skill or anything to do with me.
I am just being with them for an extended period of time. So it is all them.
You paint your own portrait by who you are.

A sure line

There is a term in art that is “a sure line”. When you say an artist has a sure line it means a line drawn with such confidence that you can feel it.
Most lines are not sure lines but when ones comes along it is the greatest line and the whole painting hangs on it.
The energy from a sure line is infused with a whole lifetime of learning.
You eye will go to the sure line the first instant it hits the canvas.
The line will be drawn with more than you had before you drew it.
It is easy to mistake a sure line for a bold line but when you see them side by side the sure line is obvious.
Sometimes you don’t need much else to finish the painting.
To paint a sure line you cannot have any awareness of yourself, The line must come out of you but you can’t be in the way. Things done without thinking about it too long are alway the greatest gifts.
An old saying is ” An artist is a person who knows when to stoop painting”
You can’t overanalyze things or it will stop breathing.
A sure line is the total breath of every painting.
The insert is an example of a sure line that is pretty obvious. You can feel it breath.