Having lived all my life in cities, it is very life changing to move to the high desert , That’s what they call it here”High Desert”. It is like living in a dream scape . Ive tried to see to the end of the sky but there is more beyond what my eyes can absorb. But I can feel it go further. And I will tell you something else., my body is becoming part of the land. I can feel the grass blowing and the cows munching , The trees seem like a part of my arms scooping up the sky. So what that does to my mind is expanding to say the least.

A few years ago I read a book called “Dakota” It was about a New York City author moving to South Dakota the effect it had on her. It was like that book was calling to me and I loved it so much that every word was scrumptious. Now I am living it.

I haven’t painted since March when the lockdown started . I couldn’t. Now I have a huge studio and its just waiting.

This is necessary for me right now but hopefully I wont do a Harper Lee and never write again.

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