negative space

Just as any painting needs lots of negative space to breath, it is not always just blank space. Negative space can also be the same thing over and over so it reads calm negative space. I did a painting that is full of  shapes  but the negative space was the color repeat, You can have an idea repeat in a play and you get negative space, a shape repeat and you have the effect of negative space. People do that in interior design all the time to make you feel calm. repeats of the same anything reads negative space because your mind does not have to keep reacting to new images.

I was thinking how that is like life. We have  a heart beat that beats a steady pattern , We have a routine everyday. We sleep at the same time each night.

If we don’t we go crazy pretty fast. Art is just us seeing what is already going on all around us. But it was fun to think about this and how it all fits together this morning.IMG_1246

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