What I would love to happen at my show

So the show is Thursday and I am all ready. I usually get all nervous about it and even get sick to my stomach.

You would think that after 13 years of doing a show I would be a pro but I guess I not. What is it that is nerve racking about the actual show ??

It is not what you would think. I hope a make a lot of sales and what if nobody buys any. NO that is not it.

and it is not that I am shy. Lord knows that is not the case.

Its the small talk. Just once i wish someone would come up to me and say. “Your work speaks to me.” that is the best thing to hear. That is why I am doing it. And if someone is drawn to it I want to hear why. That is infinitely interesting to me. Sometimes it is hard to talk about why you are drawn to something because sometimes you don’t know. I would like to hear” I love how the paintings leaves room for me to fill in my own story, or I miss the image when I look away. ” something real. That would make me love openings because I am really interested in you and would love to know you too. Art is all about communication and it is not just one person talking. It is not about me it is about me and you. And I bet you that every artist in the universe is thinking the same thing.


You can get clarity all at once without even trying. It will just occur to you when you are not even thinking about anything in particular.

they say the four steps to figuring out a creative problem are

One . Look at the problem and examine it from all sides

Two. Try wild brainstorming ideas as possible solutions. Nothing is too weird.

Three. do something else like paint your house a new color or wash the clothes and fold them and put them away. Clean out dust bunnies from under your bed. Do something that is nice and linear.

Four. Look at the problem again and the solution should come to you 99 percent of the time.

If it does not then do step one two and three again. Your brain will figure it out for you. all the paths created in your brain will fire up and voila solution!


My husband and I have a  couple of houses. We one is a duplex so it has two places to live in. It has been our habit to move into each of the places multiple times. Which makes us look crazy to everyone else.

But we have something that we accomplish every time. This last move a year ago we moved back into the cottage and fixed it up and make it ultra darling for us.

That was good because we never would have painted it pink for a rental. But now we are renting that and going  back to the big house. It took two seconds to rent the pink house and the reason they liked it so much was its color. How many rentals are pink. zero.

But now we are moving back to the big house. I am going to use the 1000 foot basement as a big studio. I have going to spread out the paintings and make even bigger ones.

PLus I am going to paint the walls french blue instead of ochre . A nice warm blue with gold. all the furniture there is ochre and it will look nice with the blue. That is all I  know now. The house will tell me what else it wants when I get there. I do love redecorating .

Ten thousand times

It has been acknowledged that if you do anything 10 thousand times , you will be an expert. That is what I tell the kids who take art from me. The first time is always shaky.

But if you know that it is only a number to get to you can relax and enjoy the ride.

when you start telling yourself that you are not good at something so just forget it, it is a lie. Your brain just has to learn it.

I suppose I could even learn to sew if I did it every day every day every day. then It would be fun and not a torture .

I know someone who changes jobs every two years just do learn new things. things get stale and they move on then it becomes a habit. Most people would just pick one thing do it will and call it a day. Lucky them to have developed a tolerance to starting over and growing. They must have used up the ten thousand  times and decided to start over with one.




The Interiors Show

balancThese paintings were slowly completed over three months. Unlike my other shows I let them go where they wanted to. Once I did that it turned into  a room of its own.

I always like the idea of making a room where you can make it just the way you want for yourself.

I know my webmaster Phil has a room like that full of his favorite things.

We all should do that if possible. Even a corner of a bigger room that you take over for some personal reverie. We all would flourish in that kind of welcome safe stimulating cozy space.

Tiny is fine here in fact tiny is better. A private room should be like a hug round you and large spaces cannot do that very well. Your mind has to far to go.

Each painting spoke to me like this. Just a space where delight was found. The poems came naturally from being in those rooms ,

the show feels comfortable.Private.Secret.


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