Ten thousand times

It has been acknowledged that if you do anything 10 thousand times , you will be an expert. That is what I tell the kids who take art from me. The first time is always shaky.

But if you know that it is only a number to get to you can relax and enjoy the ride.

when you start telling yourself that you are not good at something so just forget it, it is a lie. Your brain just has to learn it.

I suppose I could even learn to sew if I did it every day every day every day. then It would be fun and not a torture .

I know someone who changes jobs every two years just do learn new things. things get stale and they move on then it becomes a habit. Most people would just pick one thing do it will and call it a day. Lucky them to have developed a tolerance to starting over and growing. They must have used up the ten thousand  times and decided to start over with one.




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