My husband and I have a  couple of houses. We one is a duplex so it has two places to live in. It has been our habit to move into each of the places multiple times. Which makes us look crazy to everyone else.

But we have something that we accomplish every time. This last move a year ago we moved back into the cottage and fixed it up and make it ultra darling for us.

That was good because we never would have painted it pink for a rental. But now we are renting that and going  back to the big house. It took two seconds to rent the pink house and the reason they liked it so much was its color. How many rentals are pink. zero.

But now we are moving back to the big house. I am going to use the 1000 foot basement as a big studio. I have going to spread out the paintings and make even bigger ones.

PLus I am going to paint the walls french blue instead of ochre . A nice warm blue with gold. all the furniture there is ochre and it will look nice with the blue. That is all I  know now. The house will tell me what else it wants when I get there. I do love redecorating .

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