Why I paint the same thing

I was in the studio today working away at finishing some paintings. It was quiet and simple and sweet. I was reflecting on why I paint almost the same thing a million times, why it does not get old to me or boring or dreary. No two paintings are even a little alike to me. They each have their own mood and energy and personality. They each say something different to me. Are they a reflection of some aspect of me over and over.. No. they are not anything like me. They are new people.

When I am working I feel like I am not alone. Ever.  This new person is speaking to me.

And the greatest thing of all is they each speak something different to anyone who looks at them. Are people that you meet ever boring.. No they are full of infinity and how can that become even the  least bit dull. all the stars in the sky are similar but you never get used to the first look as they peak out at night. The waves come in and go out forever but they are each a new minute to ponder the fact that the ocean is a big place with a horizon.

That is how I see the paintings I do. That is how I want anyone who looks at them to experience them.  always new always interesting always immediate.

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