People that do art should strive for a voice that is unique to them. If I taught art I would not copy other artists work and say this is art.
Art is what the artist says it is. Not a teacher . Someone might respond to your work and that is great but then again maybe they just don’t get you. Maybe somebody else will and will love your work and find something relevant about it.
Finding your voice is pretty important and what is weird is your voice can change with age. So you have to find a new voice.
I was looking at a Seuart drawing that he did when he was young. His voice was so unmistakeable and clear even at that point. He was doing something new. He was doing something profoundly different.
I am so thankful that he went ahead and did what he had to do.
The best way to be an artist is not listen to anyone else. Everything else in life it is wise to listen to someone else but the artist has to go down that road alone . Nobody can help you know your own voice. You just have to learn to hear it when it comes.

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