It has been a good week since I got back from Kauai. I had never been to Hawaii before. This is what I thought it would be likeā€¦ Disneyland.
So I avoided going there like the plague.I dislike commercial things.
I like real things. I was wrong.
Kauai was real. Of course there were tourist trinket places and I was shopping my head off.
Now I know why. People want to bring home a bit of their experience to hold in their hands.
So I am sitting in a pile of trinkets to remember.
What I am trying to convey is that I am now a blathering idiot for Hawaii.
I will tell you everything that happened little by little so your head won’t blow off. I can hardly stand writing these words because it makes me want to go there again. It was not just Hawaii the land but the people I stayed with too. It was a combo of experiences that made it a mind bending experience. I will leak out info as the week goes on and I can stand to even write about it.
Yes it was that amazing.

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