The best possible scenario

Art is a weird job. You paint or draw or sculpt and create things that have never been made before. You don’t know how it will turn out. Its a surprise to you when it is done. You are almost like a baker watching the oven to see how what you made will transform into a delicious treat.

Creating something is part A.

Part B is finding a person who will need what you made  in the deepest part of their being.

You think that is an exaggeration. It is not. To connect emotionally with a work of art is just that and only that. There is some part of you that actually is starving for this thing that you get from the art. When you find that particular piece you will feel full in your soul.

Art feeds people.

The most fulfilling thing for the artist is being with a person who is getting full. Then you have the greatest satisfaction in the world . You are connecting with the buyer on a personal level.

The circle is complete .

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