My Grandchildren

I am grandmother to two children. They are the sunbeams of my life most of the time and the actual reason I started to write this blog.

My Grandmother and Grandfather left a huge impression on my life and fortunately I remembered this when I had my own. The one thing I wish I had from them though is a book on their thoughts and wisdom and feelings . What a gift that would have been.

So that is why I started this blog. When my gks are old enough to care all the things that are important that might help them for later on will be here. At least a wide assortment of ideas that maybe they can learn the easy way and not the hard way like I did.

It really saves so much time to listen instead of learn through pain. Pain is the most vivid teacher of wisdom but listening could be  a little less dramatic.

What I mainly have learned is that life is over in a second so you better not waste a minute of it lolly gagging.

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