The weirdo places inspiration can come from

a long time ago I had a side job of cleaning gorgeous houses for some extra cash. In one of the bathrooms there was a little silk sachet with a silver tie on it. For some reason it seems like the most beautiful color combination in the world and I ran home and got some paint that color of green and some silver metallic paint and repainted my front room.

Once when I was in France m the place I was staying served french eggs for breakfast and they tasted totally different from American eggs. It tasted like France. So I painted a painting all about it called French Egg.

I remember seeing  a piece of material on the sidewalk that was so wonderful and it make my stomach feel good just looking at it and it make me feel safe and true and I went home and did another painting with those colors

Reading a Womens Wear Daily magazine, I found a pull out scent of the new Chanel no. 5 perfume and did a painting about how that smelled.

so you might say I try and recreate the great feeling or tastes or smells that I happen upon wherever they may be and try and capture them  and put it in a painting. Painting is my communication map of good feeling.

Everything I paint is it is a process to reflect back she beautiful thing that is just crying out to be painted.

When you paint anything you have to look at it with both eyes. Your outside eyes and your inner eyes.

More on this tomorrow.



We all have soft sides that we either show or don’t ever show. Our soft side is where we are vulnerable  and tender and it is closest to our deep hearts. Showing your underbelly to anybody is risky because they might not like what you are and you might get rejected in an area that is really you.

that is why most people save showing that side to a few people that have proved safe.

Sometimes someone will expose themselves in this area without the usual safety guards up. They just say well here I am.

I love people that have the courage to do that. They are my favorites in all the world. It makes me love them for their courage alone. You can feel instantly close to someone like that as you don’t have to go through all the stages. You just go to their home and that is it.

To live like that is dangerous to a point if you are afraid of pain and suffering at possibly being rejected but it also is wildly alive and freeing to now guard yourself. Don’t put up your dukes.

the cost of being safe is being lonely.


Butterfly Net

Ideas are like butterflies that appear suddenly and are full of wonder and beauty. They flutter by your face for a second, breeze across your mind, light on a twig or a flower bud and then just as quickly they are gone. It is always a surprise when you catch a glimpse of one out of the corner of your eye and sort of chase it with first your eyes and then maybe your legs just for a chance to get a better look for a second.

Ideas are like that. In the middle of just living sometimes one comes that  is out of nowhere and seems to light on your head for a second. An idea that maybe be something brand new or something that is the solution to a problem.

You just have to catch them before they leave because just like a butterfly they are visiting you just for a moment.

I don’t know how  many great ideas have come and gone with me but there is one thing that always happens. I think I will remember to write it down when I get a chance. Then by the time I get to a convenient place to do just that, its gone. Now what was that thought and why can’t I remember it.

So it is pretty depressing to lose a gift like that.

If you think of ideas as butterflies you will know to stop write and file right away. Keep a notebook on your body all the time. It is more important than that pesky cell phone.or keep a pen on you and write it on your arm. At least you will know where it is.keep a post it pad on the dash of your car and scrawl out key words so you can remember if you are driving.

Do you ever get an idea that feels like someone punched you in the stomach . Those ideas are important and you should not let them go because they also are on butterfly rings and will leave in a fee moments.

Where you are born

My granddaughter lost her first tooth the other day. a tooth is a part of our body that we lose that won’t decay,

I wanted to do a ceremony for her. The ceremony would consist of going to the bridge where her parents got engaged  and then throwing  the tooth into the pond under the bridge and saying a prayer that I found in a Jewish ritual book.

If you can imagine there is a special prayer for when you lose your first tooth.

That got me thinking about how important is where you are born  and lose your first tooth. the Place..

The place we are planted. Our jumping off spot. How important is that??

I wanted to do the ceremony to remind her that there is where her baby teeth are. Planted in the pond in the town she was born under the bridge her parents first became betrothed . When she is older she can tell her children ” that is  where my baby teeth are!”

that is where I began.

I think our roots are hand picked by God and we should respect that place where we started our lives out. Where we started out the journey of life. Our starting point.


Why is one house charming and another house not charming. What is the thing that you feel when you respond viscerally to  one look and not to another. I think that the reason we respond to well thought out design is it is  that it corresponds to our longing for beauty and relationship.

I had a friend that owned the most charming house I had ever set foot into. It was a small house in a beautiful neighborhood  in a well to do area in Seattle. The house was filled with leaded glass windows looking out to a garden .

It had curvy path to the front door. It had gardens you could wander through to ease yourself around the house. Even the bath looked at the garden

Every window was multilane leaded glass so it had the feel of being in a storybook.

Once upon a time house

How would living in a house growing in a house breathing in a house like that affect your life.

It is my contention that it would give you an innate sensibility to relate to and respond to beauty in every level of your life. You would develop a keen sense of refinement that would affect every aspect of your life.

Thats all. You learn refinement from your environment and great timeless design is one way to absorb it,

We are sponges and absorb everything that we look at and hear.

Maybe if jails were charming cottages that had classical music played only and had tea at four , the prisoners would develop a taste for beauty and want to go out and pursue things of a higher nature . Maybe it would get in their bones and they would call each other  Sport instead of some crass term that does not build anyone up.



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