Where you are born

My granddaughter lost her first tooth the other day. a tooth is a part of our body that we lose that won’t decay,

I wanted to do a ceremony for her. The ceremony would consist of going to the bridge where her parents got engaged  and then throwing  the tooth into the pond under the bridge and saying a prayer that I found in a Jewish ritual book.

If you can imagine there is a special prayer for when you lose your first tooth.

That got me thinking about how important is where you are born  and lose your first tooth. the Place..

The place we are planted. Our jumping off spot. How important is that??

I wanted to do the ceremony to remind her that there is where her baby teeth are. Planted in the pond in the town she was born under the bridge her parents first became betrothed . When she is older she can tell her children ” that is  where my baby teeth are!”

that is where I began.

I think our roots are hand picked by God and we should respect that place where we started our lives out. Where we started out the journey of life. Our starting point.

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  1. Hi Shari, I like reading your blog posts. It is nice to read about the little bits of your day that make your family unique.

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