The weirdo places inspiration can come from

a long time ago I had a side job of cleaning gorgeous houses for some extra cash. In one of the bathrooms there was a little silk sachet with a silver tie on it. For some reason it seems like the most beautiful color combination in the world and I ran home and got some paint that color of green and some silver metallic paint and repainted my front room.

Once when I was in France m the place I was staying served french eggs for breakfast and they tasted totally different from American eggs. It tasted like France. So I painted a painting all about it called French Egg.

I remember seeing  a piece of material on the sidewalk that was so wonderful and it make my stomach feel good just looking at it and it make me feel safe and true and I went home and did another painting with those colors

Reading a Womens Wear Daily magazine, I found a pull out scent of the new Chanel no. 5 perfume and did a painting about how that smelled.

so you might say I try and recreate the great feeling or tastes or smells that I happen upon wherever they may be and try and capture them  and put it in a painting. Painting is my communication map of good feeling.

Everything I paint is it is a process to reflect back she beautiful thing that is just crying out to be painted.

When you paint anything you have to look at it with both eyes. Your outside eyes and your inner eyes.

More on this tomorrow.


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