My Grandchildren

I am grandmother to two children. They are the sunbeams of my life most of the time and the actual reason I started to write this blog.

My Grandmother and Grandfather left a huge impression on my life and fortunately I remembered this when I had my own. The one thing I wish I had from them though is a book on their thoughts and wisdom and feelings . What a gift that would have been.

So that is why I started this blog. When my gks are old enough to care all the things that are important that might help them for later on will be here. At least a wide assortment of ideas that maybe they can learn the easy way and not the hard way like I did.

It really saves so much time to listen instead of learn through pain. Pain is the most vivid teacher of wisdom but listening could be  a little less dramatic.

What I mainly have learned is that life is over in a second so you better not waste a minute of it lolly gagging.

what you need to know

Nothing. You need to know  nothing to do art. No method or technique or style or anything  else is required to do art. Art is big. It is too big to push into little boxes. I think it would be great to have a group of never did any art in their life people do some art. Art will find you. You don’t find it. You cannot tame it. If fact once you have tamed it becomes rote. I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten this. This knowledge is almost like a vapor. Here to see and then gone as quick as it came. Selling paintings sort of gets in the way of doing art because when you sell something then you try and do it again. But you can’t. It won’t feel the same. Can you tame a wild lion?  and if you manage to somewhat make him less wild , haven’t you killed him. No art is free. all you can do is make art everyday and wait for the wild animal to show up. When it does you have enriched the world with something only you could have done because you were where it was.


negative space

Just as any painting needs lots of negative space to breath, it is not always just blank space. Negative space can also be the same thing over and over so it reads calm negative space. I did a painting that is full of  shapes  but the negative space was the color repeat, You can have an idea repeat in a play and you get negative space, a shape repeat and you have the effect of negative space. People do that in interior design all the time to make you feel calm. repeats of the same anything reads negative space because your mind does not have to keep reacting to new images.

I was thinking how that is like life. We have  a heart beat that beats a steady pattern , We have a routine everyday. We sleep at the same time each night.

If we don’t we go crazy pretty fast. Art is just us seeing what is already going on all around us. But it was fun to think about this and how it all fits together this morning.IMG_1246

Death to Life

I did not know what my show was about until I finished the last painting. It is a story of Death to Life. I thought I was doing a show about angels but that quickly gave way to death to life. Instead of depressing it gives me joy to see how this unfolded.

And it did unfold on a lot of levels. It was a game changer.

Art is never static. It breathes. It does not keep secrets.

It tells the truth.

The paintings I did before were outside looking in and these are inside looking out. This is the most personal show I have ever done and I think the best.

You have to grow in anything you do or you start to die.

this show is about death and life  and how it is necessary for one to have the other. Even if circumstances look different they are dramatically dependent on each other to be. What we all have in common are these two things. Life and Death. and that is what this show is about.