Many years ago when my son was a young boy of nine, an artist friend did a quick pencil sketch of him while he was not looking at her. He was just laying on the couch absorbed in something else.
To this day I have the yellowed newsprint drawing in a cherished place in my house. I am going to frame it as give it the place it deserves.
I was thinking of how much I love that simple line drawing and was contemplating doing paintings of children for other people. I have done a few in my time but not seriously.
If I can do it I think I should.
If that old friend of mine knew how much I love the drawing she did of my son so long ago she probably would not believe me. It was so long ago. It probably took her a minute to draw it.
but that is the way art is.
art is important and timeless and a gift. I am so excited to get going on this a new idea!

Change up

since I have been going to all sorts of classes at the gym, I have been learning about how you have to change what you are doing on a regular basis or your body will just get used to what you are good at and stop challenging your muscles and then you stop getting strong. Your metabolism slows down and nothing is doing very much in the way of getting better in your body.
Our minds are like our bodies in this way too.
We need to be uncomfortably bad at things for awhile to grow.
That is why my husband and I are taking up salsa dancing. We tried swing a few years ago and were really bad at it.
So now we are going to be really bad at salsa dancing. But that is ok. It will be fun and if we get good at the basics we can go on to actually go on to something harder.
I am thrilled to have him willing to do this with me. We will grow together in this process.
I am starting some new paintings this week that will be different again. As soon as I get one done I will post it.
This week do something different with me. it would be so fun to have people write in and tell me what they did.
Maybe I will see you on the dance floor!


Whether you think so or not, color affects you in a big way.
Color on the walls, color outside, color in your cheeks, the color of your hair.
I want to talk about the color of your hair today.
I was reading an article in a magazine by hairdresser who said that 90 percent of people who do color for hair go blond. I bleached my hair about 4 years ago for the first time and it changed my life.
It felt so good to look in the mirror and see a happier brighter person.
I dyed it back to dark brown for a change up and when the stylist was finished I was horrified.I went into a sever depression.
How can color around your face affect you so much.
Well it does.
Anything that gives you a lift when you look into the mirror will reflect back on your personality. You will mirror and if you feel one bit better about what you see it is worth it.
This might sound egocentric but it isn’t . Anytime you make yourself look better it is a gift to anyone who has to look at you every day.
My husband vouches for this. It makes him feel better too.
I even think some guys should be blond instead of brown.

making your house and everything you do as beautiful as you can will have a big effect on your whole life and it will be like a balm to your family.
go spread beauty wherever you can. whenever you can.. however you can.

The Fourth of July

Actually you cannot do anything. People always say that when they are trying to encourage you but the reality you cannot do anything. But you can try. You can set out and even though the odds are totally against you. Failing is just one party of succeeding . And failing means you are at least moving. You have to move , even though you don’t know what will happen.
Explorers are just like anyone else who starts a new business or goes to a new place or even plans to run a marathon. You don’t know what will happen till you start.
When I see someone doing something risky but they are full of passion and expectation. my heart goes out to them.
It is way easier to sit in the bleachers and boo someone who has fallen than it is to get out there yourself and run. That is why spectator sports are so popular. You get a thrill vicariously. But you are just sitting there watching.
We all watch movies and Television on the computer and we have become a nation of lookie loos.
So on this the fourth of July, here is to all those who do not just sit and watch on the sidelines but have taken the risk and energy and effort to give it a go. No matter how bad the odds are. I salute you !