The Fourth of July

Actually you cannot do anything. People always say that when they are trying to encourage you but the reality you cannot do anything. But you can try. You can set out and even though the odds are totally against you. Failing is just one party of succeeding . And failing means you are at least moving. You have to move , even though you don’t know what will happen.
Explorers are just like anyone else who starts a new business or goes to a new place or even plans to run a marathon. You don’t know what will happen till you start.
When I see someone doing something risky but they are full of passion and expectation. my heart goes out to them.
It is way easier to sit in the bleachers and boo someone who has fallen than it is to get out there yourself and run. That is why spectator sports are so popular. You get a thrill vicariously. But you are just sitting there watching.
We all watch movies and Television on the computer and we have become a nation of lookie loos.
So on this the fourth of July, here is to all those who do not just sit and watch on the sidelines but have taken the risk and energy and effort to give it a go. No matter how bad the odds are. I salute you !

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