The Pink Dog Painting

I was thinking about the pink dog painting sitting in my studio. First I thought I should paint over it and just do something more sellable but when I looked at it again, I could not do it.
If I cannot bring myself to lose it then it must have something of merit.
Yes it is a whimsical painting and a primitive outlined dog is not what I usually do but I love that painting.
I was thinking back when I went to the art museum and saw the Fay Jones painting on display. I was in love with that too. She has simple drawing paintings with surprising juxtapositions, which made it so charming and wonderful I could not take my eyes off it.
Clean lines leave so much to the imagination . clean is compelling.

That is why pink dog is staying around. Someone may someday love that painting and who am I to take that pleasure away. who am I indeed!

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