I have so many people in my life that are not painting or drawing but seem to have an affinity for that. they are the ones who say Oh I am not an artist.
If you like to draw but don’t, if you like to organize rooms and decorate them in a way that is beautiful, If you sew beautiful curtains and have this eye for detail but don’t paint or draw because that is not what you do, then I think you are missing out on half your life.
Drawing is just way to get somewhere that you need to go in your mind.
Anyone can use it. Painting is the same thing. If you only think of it as fun and not whether you are doing it right or not it will ;will will expand your ability to SEE.
Once you SEE better all possibilities exist!!
I would like to have a SEEING class. Everyone would be locked in a room for 12 hours and there would be paper and paint and canvas and light. Each person would have their own room. The only thing to do all day would be cover all the walls with something.
That would be the class. That would be the best class because nothing would get in the way of you being you. No teacher saying this is wrong or right. no other students to be aware of and compare yourself to.
That would be the whole thing.
Wouldn’t you love to see what would happen.
That is what artist in residence programs are.  S p a c e  to be.
anyone could do it to great Great benefit. Anyone
And wouldn’t you love to see the work after they were done.
That would be my art un-school.
My parents let me paint on the walls when I was a teenager. Maybe that is why I am an artist today.

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