a long way home

We do airbnb . I love doing it. Getting ready for the guests and then seeing their faces and hearing their stories and having them stay in the space that I made. Your home is more than just a room to rent. It has your life in it so when guests  stay they absorb some of you . I like that. It feels like I know them a little and they leave a bit of their spirit when they go. We have this shared experience that makes me feel good.

Airbnb is a soul exchanging thing. There is an apartment in the basement that we stay in when we have guests. Its an old house so I can hear them walking above us. Sharing their lives for a time here.

Sometimes they are here for a big reason. A funeral, or wedding or graduation or even to grieve.

My house sees it all and hears all the stories and then I can almost feel them after they are gone. I know that sounds spooky but I think its true that you can sense someone has been somewhere. Something has occurred. People in transit are super charged just because they are getting all this new input from traveling. We are never so interesting as we travel. It is like a ball of string . the more you roll it the bigger it gets.

sometimes I fall in love the the guests and don’t want them to leave but stay here forever in a big commune. that happened once and both my husband and I did not want them to ever go.

So that is way different then just renting out your house. Way Way different.

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