Ash Wednesday

I was watching a you tube video about being an artist  by  Ann Rae. She said that if you can put into words what you do and why, you will be able to communicate it better. How can people know what you are all about unless you can verbalize it.

Three months ago I started on this problem. The words are hardly easy to find. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about them . They keep flying away into a vapor before I can see them.

I decided to do a blog on the process of verbalizing why I paint paintings. The best  place to find a deep place, a deep answer is the desert. Its quiet in the desert and hot and you have nowhere to hide.

So Lent starts today . Lent is  is a desert . The desert makes you face things you don’t want to face. Being an artist and doing Lent is a good thing. . Ash Wednesday

Catholics wear ashes all day today to show they have entered the desert . Day one.  The next forty days blog  will be my ashes on my forehead .

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