People have a tendency to be all or nothing when it come to ideas. The danger in that is that it is very easy to close your eyes to all the good things about your previous idea and throw them under the bus for the new and improved idea.
I have done this myself many times. If the new and improved idea strikes me as right, I tend to toss everything old out. For example fashion. I actually deplore old style clothes when I get new ones. I just want to toss old things into a goodwill box and never see them again. Or a furniture style.
All the old seventies clothes which were actually quite ugly seemed to be so forward thinking at the time.
Fashion is a good illustration and so is architecture. We toss out old fashioned Arts and Crafts for modern plastic and then toss out plastic for antique which now have a warmth that modern did not have and we toss it out again to see Modern as the clean sleek style that is really the best.
Thoughts are the same emotional reaction too.
Perspective is what stops you from throwing the baby out with the Bathwater.
You have to look at everything with fresh eyes that take into account keeping the best things and just maybe tweaking them a little. so you have to slow down and think things through and see if you might be losing something precious to grab the new improved idea.
It is easier to tweak something good than it is to do something brand new and find out the ramifications of leaving tried and true.

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