break it down

I have some friends that are in a place where it seems impossible to get started. Being creative seems a far away dream and for someone else.

The reality is creativity is not some weird visit from another planet. It is only a habit. If you can get dressed every morning and take out the garbage and get the mail you can be creative. A habit is just something you always do without thinking. Everybody knows that but what they might not know is habits are totally made up by us for survival. You do what you have to do.

I am a painter so I have to get new ideas every single day. If you don’t have to do it , you won’t. What makes you take the first step is to make some kind of agreement with someone else in the world that you will do it. If it is only you who knows about your desire, you won’t do it.  You will be too tired at the end of every day.

Tell one other person I am going to write one paragraph every day till I have a chapter or some other small step. I guarantee once you start the energy will come and you will feel better about everything you do. You will be set free.
If an idea is going through your head, it is not there by accident. Someone is going to need to see what you are about to create. You owe it to them to do it. It is your job in this life. Everybody does not get the same ideas. I think your creative urges are direct from God and you better do them. It is not a luxury.

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