change and your mind

I think it is important to move the furniture around and paint the walls and  change your surroundings every so often. Our minds are stimulated on several levels when we see new things.

If your house looks the same as it did three years ago, your mind will not see anything in the room any more. We are made to be creative and when everything we look at every day is the same same same same, we die a little. My husband got into an argument with me about this and thinks that keeping things the same gives us comfort. That is funny from him, as he lives with a person who changes his surroundings a lot – all the time. I get sick to my stomach if I have to see what I did last year.  Grow and change and get better and better.

I have a theory about fashion being a reflection of this basic need in us to change. It is stimulating to do something new and it will affect your ability to see new possibilities. That is what it is about on a deep level. Growth. Stimulation. How important is creativity to everyone at all times. Its is the difference between being dead or alive. Thats all. Go move a couch and get new curtains. Move, change, grow, live be alive and firing on all five cylinders.

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