Why is one house charming and another house not charming. What is the thing that you feel when you respond viscerally to  one look and not to another. I think that the reason we respond to well thought out design is it is  that it corresponds to our longing for beauty and relationship.

I had a friend that owned the most charming house I had ever set foot into. It was a small house in a beautiful neighborhood  in a well to do area in Seattle. The house was filled with leaded glass windows looking out to a garden .

It had curvy path to the front door. It had gardens you could wander through to ease yourself around the house. Even the bath looked at the garden

Every window was multilane leaded glass so it had the feel of being in a storybook.

Once upon a time house

How would living in a house growing in a house breathing in a house like that affect your life.

It is my contention that it would give you an innate sensibility to relate to and respond to beauty in every level of your life. You would develop a keen sense of refinement that would affect every aspect of your life.

Thats all. You learn refinement from your environment and great timeless design is one way to absorb it,

We are sponges and absorb everything that we look at and hear.

Maybe if jails were charming cottages that had classical music played only and had tea at four , the prisoners would develop a taste for beauty and want to go out and pursue things of a higher nature . Maybe it would get in their bones and they would call each other  Sport instead of some crass term that does not build anyone up.



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