I am going to do a line of dessert plates with my images on them. then I want to do a whole set of dinnerware and call it sharikaware. I am telling you this because I dont even know how to do it but I am going to walk toward the light.

There are so many possibilites to print the plates up. China is a big one , and New York . They cost way way way to much to manufacture one by one so Have to go to mass production. So I am wondering if just doing this by looking at the internet is a good thing or hire a professional. Well with my website it certainly was worth the money to hire a pro so maybe I just answered by own question.

The great thing about being an artist is you own the rights to your images even if you sell the painting. That is so nice otherwise everybody would be stealing ideas all the time. that said I do steal ideas all the time but I rework them to make them mine. So I guess it isn’t stealing it is reusing.

Don’t you want to see the dinnerware right now? I mean yesterday. Don’t you just want to see them and then go to this amazing dinner party with all these interesting people. Well don’t you??? I will tell you what the pro says.

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