This morning I got this idea and I started blogging about it and then got sidetracked and lost what I wrote.
so I am thankful for the elephant.
I was writing about how sometimes you get this great idea and it is not easy to write it down and you lose it forever.
Fortunately I did remember the elephant, which made me remember the rest of the idea.
There was an elephant in the idea so at least I had that . The rest of the idea was hinged on the elephant so I remembered it.
And that is what I was blogging about. How to remember great vaporous ideas before they are gone forever.
Great ideas sometimes are cloaked in little wisps of a dream but are the important starting point for the bigger idea.
We need to start somewhere and seeds are what you need to grow a company and an idea.
So do not discount seed ideas. However small they are.
Maybe it is just a slight nudge.
Nudges have changed the world taken to full throttle.
My elephant idea was not even an idea for myself but one for my brother. Who knows what will happen to that idea.
Every great thing starts small. We have to respect small and make notes whatever way we can to remember it when it presents itself.

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