I love to paint  womens’ faces. And I also love to see other artists paintings of  womens’ faces. I love Modigliani , Mary Cassat, Renoir, Mattisse, of course but there are modern ones too. I will explore them with you at a later date, but right now I just want to mention why I love paintings them so.
A face is the first thing we experience in life. we look into our mothers face. And a face is probably the last thing we see too.
We look at ourselves in the mirror all the time/ How does our face look. We present our best face to the world. Our ees are windows to our souls. well what is more compelling than that.
probably nothing. everything else is supporting material. All the buildings and cars and trains, and space ships and landscapes and everything everything everything is supporting material for a face and what is behind that face.
How can I not paint faces forever when they are so important.

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