When I was really young, I did not know there were any limits. I was 18 and I wanted to start a dance company. I would call it absurd ballet in America because I did not take dance lessons so I thought I would be a purist dancer. I thought knowing nothing was good.

I called it absurd because I figured that if I called it that it would give me license to do anything and still call it art .I had read Gertrude Stein and figured that if she could be called a great writer when she wrote almost intelligibly, and Man Ray could do bizarre things and get away with the same thing, I thought I could too. My high school experience helped me also think I could do anything too.

I marched into the Paramount Theater and told the manager there that I was going to do this great performance so he better get ready. Then I put an ad in the paper looking for dancers. I actually got responses from dancers to do a show at the Paramount. At that point reality kicked in and I freaked out and didn’t do anything about the dancers. I did not even have a studio to practice. I thought that would magically appear when I needed it.  Looking back. I wish I had attempted it. I do not regret everything I did up to that point and I think I could have pulled it off. Now that I am old I think that the pure synergy of that wild idea might have turned into something.

Like my webmaster has said before sometimes pure audacity has power. It is really shocking that I got as far as I did with the idea. I can’t believe that the manager of the paramount talked to me seriously. I can’t believe dancers called me. I wish I would have jumped. Ahhh I wish I would have jumped. I better jump now before it is too late. Too late being dead and that is the only time it is too late.

I did a painting to commemorate that experience.

photo is this guy’s wife.

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