What I would love to happen at my show

So the show is Thursday and I am all ready. I usually get all nervous about it and even get sick to my stomach.

You would think that after 13 years of doing a show I would be a pro but I guess I not. What is it that is nerve racking about the actual show ??

It is not what you would think. I hope a make a lot of sales and what if nobody buys any. NO that is not it.

and it is not that I am shy. Lord knows that is not the case.

Its the small talk. Just once i wish someone would come up to me and say. “Your work speaks to me.” that is the best thing to hear. That is why I am doing it. And if someone is drawn to it I want to hear why. That is infinitely interesting to me. Sometimes it is hard to talk about why you are drawn to something because sometimes you don’t know. I would like to hear” I love how the paintings leaves room for me to fill in my own story, or I miss the image when I look away. ” something real. That would make me love openings because I am really interested in you and would love to know you too. Art is all about communication and it is not just one person talking. It is not about me it is about me and you. And I bet you that every artist in the universe is thinking the same thing.

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