Mijis Mom- Kim

When someone stays at your house and is so wonderful that you are going to be very upset when they have to go home- that is a great house guest.
I never had anyone stay with us and shop and cook a feast two nights in a row and then have enough leftovers for three more nights. No,
I was thinking how much of an ambassador from South Korea that Kim is.
I know that I do not always try and be a great guest when I am in another country. Usually I am pretty self involved but I have learned my lesson.
Kim is unable to even speak a lick of English( for which she was
so appologetic) but even so she was able to speak through her daughter and we had a great time.
Every Korean person I see from now on will get the benefit of the grace of Kim.
It can go the other way so easy and you are representing your country. I wonder how often we think of that.
Americans are so fortunate to have so much bounty and it might make a difference if we spread that bounty through good works when we travel.
I think we should overtip everyone and tell them how wonderful we think their country is
And we should leave where we stay better than we found it.
That is a good guest.
Because of this experience with Kim, I am going to make it a major point to give wherever I can. I wish you could spend five minutes with this a most gracious woman and a shining example of Korean manners.

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