You write the story of your life with every thought you have. Our minds just get used to going down certain paths because of repetition and then that becomes “OUR WAY.” You have heard that term” Oh, that is just her way.”  Yes it is our way alright, and if we know this we can change our way.

Constantly thinking you are not good at one thing or another is just making a groove in your brain that grows with each thought. There is a thing called Mind Mapping. It is just about those paths that are created by thinking over and over the same thought. New Paths can me made with practice and if you have the visual to help of an actual rut in your mind like a path worn in the dirt it will help you do a new path.

I like to think of that when I walk on a real dirt path. All the feet that have passed this way for a long time make this distinct path.  Most people are not aware that this is true of your thought patterns. that is why some people are negative and some are positive people. It is not something they were born with. If you know that you, you can change your ways if life would be better to do so. Simple yet profound

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