Positive and Negative

Did you ever notice how to get bathwater cooler it takes just a little cool water but to get it hotter takes so much that you have to basically start over or literally put a lot of boiling water in. It is also easier to roll a ball downhill than to get it up the same hill.
The energy needed to get things started is so much more than to put things out.
Why is that?
If it is like that in the natural realm then it is even more so in the mental arena.
To get yourself motivated is the hardest step from inactivity. It is like starting with a bath of cool water and adding eyedroppers of warm water to it.
If you know this you can avoid letting the water get too cool.
You want hot water to cook and clean and think. You want it hot,
The old saying “you are pouring cold water on that” is so easy to do that you might not even be aware of it.
A slight slip of the thought that was going in a good direction and now is spiraling downwards into depression.

This is especially true in the incubation stage of new ideas. How many times have you had a great idea and then two seconds ,(yes I literally mean two seconds ) into it you thing Nahhh, That won’t work because bla bla bla.
Then three seconds later you have a monument to how terrible of an idea that was.
How do you know your idea is terrible till you try it. You don’t!

I am an impulsive person and that has been my saving grace my whole life.
When I have an idea I usually play it out.
I have failed more times than not but at least the impulsivity overrides negative thoughts.
Failing at something is not the worst thing. Failing proves you are brave to even try.
I say don’t even be afraid to fail miserably And if you get in hot water, well that is where we all want to be anyway. creatively. So here is to getting soaked getting baked, getting stoked, and getting on fire. Its all about the heat.


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