In March my brother in law gave me some seed potatoes, I had never planted potatoes before, In March it was cold and blustery and I shoved them in the ground. Then little sprouts and green plants started growing in about a week, My granddaughter monitered the growth of these potatoes and I told her they would be purple. She did not believe me. Well last week we harvested the little purple jewels in the black dirt. Such a big plant that you have to pull out to get the potatoes. Clinging to the roots were the spuds. They were just so purple and red and white too, Digging in the ground we found several big loose ones too which was a surprise. We washed them off and cooked them and then put a lot of butter on and ate them. That very act of eating something that was once a seed and you watered and now you are eating was like becoming connected to the beauty of the earth.
When you see food in stores, it is unrelated to your hands and growth and love and earth. It is passive.
I would say that those potatoes were the best I ever had. earth to mouth in about 10 minutes. quite a short time. I could feel the vitamins in them. they tasted like the earth that they grew in.
It was such an organic experience to share with my granddaughter.
It was like being Christoper Columbus and discovering a new thing.

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