Sex and Art

Although I do try and not paint anything purely erotic sometimes people read into it and it could be construed that way in some cases.
There was one painting I did called French Slip, and it was only a gal in a slip and the slip turned out so pretty I had to commit to it just being a slip. It was pretty abstract too but I did get a lot of comments from people who found it rather erotic.

Well that is just too bad. sometimes it turns out that way and if it is good enough I have to leave it. Sometimes art is really messy and real and sometimes it is sexy but you still have to paint it.

I never start out that way it just sort of happens. If I tried to make it sexy I am sure it would fail.
Isn’t that the most sexy thing about anyone, just them being themselves and not even trying and it just happens?

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    1. well I would not want to be exploitive. But your comment makes me think, hum maybe I am being too worried about offending someone. Thank you for your comment.

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