talking on the phone

Yesterday while I was painting, I got a phone call and was taking away and painting at the same time. After 20 minutes of an in depth conversation, I realized I had resolved my painting. There was something missing and after I hung up, it was done. The problem was gone and I wasn’t; even trying. I was just relax painting while I talked. The finished painting really was one that gave me a lot of comfort. It made me feel better just looking at it. It calmed me down . Yes my Dad is dying and yes I am thinking of that a lot and the gallery owner said don’t paint now because it is too hard, but I needed to do it just for me and it really gives me a lot of comfort.

I highly recommend doing some creative outlet activity while processing deep things to help you live it out. It is so much better to be with the grief than just try and avoid the pain. The gift of the grief will not be opened unless we go through it consciously. If anyone else is out there going through the same thing, which I know there are, then do this, at least write about it, poem about it. dance about it, paint about it and the gift will open up like a flower that blooms.

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