The Art Group Exercise

The art group decided to spend two weeks without any superfluous  media. No radio going in the background, no netflix, no Facebook surfing. The Silence is our exercise. When you are used to nonstop all of the above , it is very refreshing and different to not be doing any of that. We have to write a lot though so all the inside voices can be heard. This is only day one. The hours droned by this morning. I kept stopping reaching for a knob or a dial or a button. No no no . silent.

I weeded  a lot and watered everything and then clean up the kitchen then organized the kitchen then polished all the silver( I have three sets) then cleaned out the oven. then bought some furniture and a couple of paintings.

busy . I am working on everything art related in my mind while by body does all this busy work. I want to talk to the art group and see how they are doing but can’t because no Facebook. So I am stuck writing to who knows who.  Time goes slower  and slower . This quiet is calming and focusing and interesting. And this is only day one. 13 days to go.

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