The Big Quiet

There is a place in Ephrata that sells lots that are one or two acres for an RV or a tiny house. You’re pretty isolated from your neighbor. No electricity or water so you have to dig a well and do the off grid life. There is something appealing about living in the wild, at least for awhile. The quiet and isolation would be good for writing a book or reading a hard book . It would also be a good place to work on your marriage with zero possibility of distraction. The phone would not ring, no radio no netflix no news no


At first it would feel bad, I imagine I would panic facing the quiet.

But sometimes you can’t even hear the voice in your own head because of the chaos of other voices.

You have to build a fire to get warm . What does the sound of a crackling fire sound like in utter quiet?

This place that is only a few miles from here and its possible to go there and hole up for awhile but for me what would have to happen is to get dropped off and left there for a week . If there was a car, I know myself and I’d use it to get away, so my husband would have to drive the car away and with it all possibility of escape.

What a great thing to have and I bet I could rent it out to other creatives to be in a nature hermetically sealed world for awhile. I’d call it “The Big Quiet” and then it would make sense to own.

This is just an idea but everything starts with just an idea. The place is real and this could be real. Everything starts with just an idea.

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