The Break

My mom got a new couch. She loved how it looked in her front room. She called me up all excited because it felt so fresh and alive. I agreed with her. I loved it too.

Then other people saw it and did not go crazy when they saw it. They just said oh . And then like a bomb went off in her brain. All enjoyment of her new couch was killed. Now she said it was too big and not that great and flaw city,

My Mom was right to be thrilled about her couch , she needed that change to move on after Dad. Little as it seems, moving things around does give you a fresh perspective.

I am writing this to show you how immediately you can change someones life, This is true straight across the board.

Here is reality. New things need time to adjust to. You are expecting something else and your eye has to adjust. Your brain has to adjust.

about art. buy art that makes you work a little. Art should always make you work a little to see it. When you do it is worth the effort. Easy pretty does not last.

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  1. I have had a corollary experience with my emotional investment in Christmas gifts. When the recipient seems to say, “cool, thanks,” rather than being totally and completely electrified by the gift, it puts me in a tailspin. That response is my problem, not the recipients. Sure, there’s a grace in receiving a gift well. But my crazy anxiety isn’t the recipient’s responsibility. It’s a trick, isn’t it, to let people have their opinions about things we care about? I took some coffee I roasted to someone, and when I asked them later about it, they pretty much insulted it. “Coffee is black, not brown.” “Pssh. Stupid.” Is what went through my head. I had to choose to accept that as a case of “Vive la difference” when what I wanted to do was set her straight. Respect is key both directions. That’s what I think about it.

      1. Dear Sharika,

        My name is Dave Buck. I am 62 years young, happliy married with 6 extraordinary kids and 4 wild & crazy grandkids. I moved to St. Louis in 1977, or 39 years ago, and have lived the 1ast 17 years in Wester Groves, the oldest suburb of St. Louis. This morning I had give some blood this morning at a Quest Diagnostics in the suburb of Kirkwood, to the west of Webster Groves. I have always loved art (Jackson Pollack is my hero, as one of his strongly held beliefs is that true creativity can only aarise out of chaosand randomness. I was in the waiting room when I started to walk around the room and gaze upon the different pictures hanging up where I came across a painting that stopped me n my tracks. It was a primarily brown colored painting or even a sketch of the St. Lous riverfront, including the Arch, which we St. Louisians refer to as the Gateway to the Best. The point of view of the painter was from the noth of th main riverfront. But then studied it further – it was not the real north riverfront because it also included a montage of some other St. Louis landmarks, like the St. Louis Cathedral and the geodisic dome from the Missouri Botanical Gardens. But from the artist’s and admirer’s POV, it looked like all the pieces fit as one riverfront. And it immediately reminded me of Walt Disney’s last grand vision, EPCOT: Experiemental Prototype City of Tomorrow. Google “Walt Disney’s original EPCOT designs” and you will see what Walt saw and what I saw today. It was my immediate repsonse and gut reaction to your painting. And do you know where Disney originally wanted to build EPCOT? St. Louis! So your picture is way beyond being an accident; it is a planned coincidence for me. Because, right now, I am working on a plan to ressurect Disney’s original vision for EPOT, secure the funding and build t – and if we build t, they will come. In short and beng very selfish sometimes, if you have any extra prints, I will be happy to pay you for then.
        My cell phone is: 314-952-0910 and email address is: Thank you for listening. Your pictur made my day and maybe made my life.

        Peace – in, out and all bout,
        Dave Buck

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