The end result

Starting a new thing is always full of fear. If you have started things in the past and they have not worked out it makes you a little bit more reluctant to try again/ Even if you have been successful in the past it still can make you nervous.
What are we afraid of ??? what others will think of us or pain.
Those are the only two possiblilities. Pain because we lose our money invested and time and who knows what . The other one is even worse. We love it when people think we are great and smart and trusted.
I think the fear of people one is the worst one of the two.
I am writing this today to encourage anyone out there that I for one am thrilled with someone trys a new thing. I applaud them for taking a bold step. I rally emotionally and am cheering for them to be successful. It enriches everyone when you are stretching the boundaries with new ideas. Everyone benefits when you are forging new territory. It helps the whole world really. Even if it does not work out at least you got the earth plowed a little and it will be easier to plant again for someone else. The end result is you have overcome enertia and that is the hardest thing to get out of.

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