The Fair

I entered the Washington State Fair art contest . Its been 20 years since I’ve entered an art show but for some reason thought I would give it a go.

The opening for the show was Friday. There were so many people there you would think it was a New York opening. The reason for that kind of turn out was the amount of art displayed. There must have been 700 works of art there.

The quality of some of the paintings and sculptures were shocking. Apparently there is a ton of talent in Washington State. It was hard to see some of the work as real estate was valuable there. Every square inch had art. Some of the artists I knew but there were many that I was pleased to find out about .

I think that about million people go see this show so that is why so many “bring it” when they enter this contest.

The most important thing about his show is the chance to see the soul of Washington. It really is quite beautiful and even at times astonishing.

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